Friday, January 28, 2011

SFSU: My little dorm(picture heavy)

So my mom always reminds me how wonderful and special it is that I am able to experience dorm life. Not everyone does or can. I think my mom, well i know, really wishes she could be my roommate. hahaha
SO compact, cluttered and wonderfully close too my is my room.
Now bare with my crappy, partly blurry, bad lighting phone picture. This is where I live, learn and I am inspired. If my roomates (all three girls) weren't so messy I would show the common areas..maybe another day..

An overall view of my side
My night stand complete with picture, zune dock and speakers, and my emergency kit full of chap stick lotion floss and other things one needs at all times hehe
My beautiful comforter from Liberty London
Check out the awesome james and the giant peachish lights! Thanks Ikea!!
A sweet handmade heart from Dal and a handmade ornament from renegade to keep my wall beautiful
My bunches of books that will make me smart(hopefully) and very exhausted(definitely)

Where I spend most my time
Personal touches of an awesome elephant cup(from my roomate) and a sweeeeet Narnia cup!!
I love this chair!
My anatomy poster, actually helped my master what I learned.My beautiful closer with my loverly belts and jackets.

Jewelry Display and a sunny tea pot

Another look

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zelina said...

I love it. It's so chic and I love the hands to display your rings :)