Sunday, January 2, 2011

new years..

I don't really do the new years resolution thing. One I think many people ( not everyone) pick these big things and they don't do them . IT can be a let down and I do not want to start that way. Two because i think everyday you should try new things, change what you don't like, and do more or what you like. And three it seems to be this rap up of the previous years short coming/failures and unhappiness. I dont want to dwell you know.
But ( so im not the scrooge of new years hehe ) I thought I would share some goals of mine. Granted I always make goals for myself..SO happy new years to all. May you not dwell in the sadness in the past so it clenches your heart, may you not dwell in the happiness of the past so you can;t see the happiness in front of you and may everyday be lived with great vigor, hope, and gratitude.

MY goals:
- find more time in between studying to read!
-Love more and more and more until i think i might just burst
-Dedicate myself even further to school and creating a portfolio that will get me into masters programs where ever i end up
-Blog more
-Facebook less
- Go through my journal of all the cute i want to create and chisel away at it

I think that's it for now. Maybe each month I'll share my goals and progress.


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