Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gluten Free: Review

Being gluten free on top of a veggie head is a bit difficult. Vital wheat gluten is a main ingredient in the majority of veggie/vegan meats. I was at a loss of what to do when I could not eat any wheat anymore. Finding filling and quick things to eat when I was diagnosed with Celiac was hard. However , Raley's has been my savior in this area of late. It is a local regular grocery store that offers a couple rows dedicated to health food and gluten free foods!!! To me they are even better than whole foods because they are closer, cheaper and have more to offer me. And one of those things they offer is two, count them two, gluten free veggie patties!!

I just die every time I walk past these beautifully displayed rows of gluten free stuff just waiting for me.The burgers they offer are called Sunshine Burgers in three seasonings and Wild Wood sprout tofu burgers.

Wildwood: They only offer the original ones at my grocery store . They have a similar texture and taste to tofu because that is the primary ingredient. They are made with Wildwood tofu, carrots, starch and some seasonings. Grilled in a pan the outside gets crispy and crunchy. The taste is a little bland, so condiments or veggies on top are nice. However, If you are trying to avoid too much tofu or have absorption or other health problems that could be worsened by tofu consumption I would avoid these.

Sunshine: Sunshine Burgers come in several seasonings I have tried BBQ and Garden herb. These are more hardy, they stay together better and have more taste. They BBQ ones are made with brown rice, pinto beans, sunflower seeds, veggies and seasoning. Each burger regardless of seasonings is made with rice and sun flower seeds and I think that is what helps hold this burger together better and gives a different texture than the tofu burgers.

I prefer the Sunshine Burger because of the taste, texture and ingredients. I think they offer more nutrients and sustenance than the Wildwood burgers. However , both are wonderful and if you are looking for a new snack , want to try something new or are a searching Celiac like me try them out!


Libby said...

oo i need to try those sunshine burgers!! i haven't tried those kinds yet!! yummm ur making me hungry woman! ;)

Nic said...

They are so good. GO to the raleys in brentwood the oakley one does not have them