Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Thanksgiving is a lovely warm holiday in my opinion and the good opportunity to surround yourself with family , give thanks and stuff your face. I wont be eating the normal thanksgiving stuff , but will be surrounded by family. I am thankful for so many people and so may things , but thought i would list why I am thankful for those who are coming to dinner. But I love all my friend and family !

*My uncle RW will be there and I am thankful for his sense of humor and hugs annnnd how he will eat ham if we call it meat hehe :).

*My grandma will be there and I am thankful her surgery went well and she is able to come spend time with us.

*Dallas' parents(Nancy&john) are also coming !! I am thankful for their unconditional love for us both, their kindness to me this summer and them supporting my boy coming home.

*Bubba(brotherface)- He is a goof and I am thankful that(even though that he smells hehehe) I know if i ever get into any trouble he will have my back, if i need a place to stay he'll let me stay with him and how he can always make me laugh.

*Punkin( Ashley) I believe she might stop by and I am always thankful for her. WE have grown so much since we first met and hated each other at church camp. She lets me cry, act crazy, lets me support her, understands me and we are kind of in love.

*My parents( pat pat& MAH) My pat is just a cool guy and I miss him so much so I am thankful for being able to hear his rhyming jokes, maybe see him turn red when he gets fluster and the love in his eyes when he hug my mamma. My mah is the most amazing person that has ever been. She gives me everything i need and I am thankful for her talks, her support, her love and how she never questions helping me out in anyway*

* Last but not least Dallas! This is a big deal for both of us . It is our first big holiday together and his first in so long surrounded by those who love him and eating good food. Needless to say I love him more each day and I am thrilled I get to spend this the 19th -28th with him.


Kelsey Rosie said...

Yay! Your first holiday together. That is so special. Cherish it together :).

Anonymous said...

I am! Love isjust the best!

Chelsea said...


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