Sunday, August 30, 2009

New starts

I made a new friend recently. She turned out to be really amazing. She began to tell me about herself and I pictured her with a book. A book of love. She had all the stories of each love she felt and she held it close to her heart. The harsh realities of love did not jade her or make her feel any regret. She counted each one as something amazing. She would find new strength each time in hopes of finding new love. She is beautiful and this poem is about her beauty , hope, and strength.

Paper doll

Paper doll
you keep giving that heart away

and their shallow cuts will heal
but you're looking worn
come here I got some time
if you just let me
I'll try and let you in
paper doll
its tough out there
the wind is picking up
where is your hand to hold
has he left again
It's okay my house is empty
and i've got all night so come on in
paper doll
now you're crying
in the dark
huddled beneath the sheets
he should see how beautiful you are now
Paper doll
your waking up
it's a brand new day
you've sewn the rips and tears and put a new shade on your lips

i see it in your eyes
it starts all over again

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